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One in Five

At least this many Canadians are diagnosed with a mental illness, and this ratio is increasing every day.

By 2020..

The WHO predicts that depression alone will become the second leading cause of disability in the world for all ages and both genders.

Impact on Disability

The impact of mental illness on disability is 1.5x greater than that of all cancers, and 7x that of all infectious diseases.

47 per 100,000

This is the national average for the number of psychologists per people in Canada (which is very low)

20 per 100,000

This is the provincial ratio for the number of psychologists per people in Manitoba (which is extremely low)

And yet…

Access to psychologists is very limited in the public healthcare system. Waitlists are long, and coverage insurance is minimal.

Who is Minding your Mental health?

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